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This website is all about the LUPOS eBay-Stream-Reader 2010, a JAVA application for observing eBay auctions.

Who did this?

We are three students, namely

who are currently in our 6th semester of our computer science studies at the Universität zu Lübeck.

Why was it done?

We have written this application within the scope of our studies for a project we have had to work on during our 6th semester.

Since HTML (and other description languages) provides more and more possibilties to tag the content on websites, it is now possible to tag them according to their semantics. A short description about "Semantic Web" can be found under Semantic what?.

With this application we want to show, how easy it is to retrieve and process semantically tagged information. To give it a practical use case, we decided to apply something, quite everybody has heard of yet: eBay auctions.

Not everybody has an eBay account, but at least most people know what eBay is about and how to use it. That is the reason, why we decided to use something simple and public like the eBay search as use case for our application.

The second thing is the processing of the data: The topic of our project is "Stream-based evaluation of semantic web queries", so we put the gathered information into a stream using the LUPOS engine to process SPARQL queries on this continuous set of information.